2022 RHS South West in Bloom Main Competition

We were pleased to be able to hold our competition in 2021, however making sure we did it safely, looking to the precautions of COVID.

We are now all hoping that we will be able to return fully to our competition, and that some of those communities that missed last year will be able to return in 2022.

The RHS are reviewing their marking sheets for 2022, and we are waiting for the new format to be agreed.

You will be able to download a copy here as soon as we have the approved copy.

In general it will be very similar to before and will uphold all the aims of Bloom.

Present Marking Sheet- 40% of the marks will be awarded for horticulture, 30% for environment and 30% for community, instead of the previous 50% horticulture, 25% environment and 25% community. 

Click here for the existing 2022  Main Competition Marking sheet  This will be slightly altered for 2022, and we are still waiting for the final copy.

 Click here for the 2022 Main Competition & Pennant Entry Forms

Click here for the  2022 BID, Town Centre, Urban & Pennant Marking Criteria you can use the 2022 Main Competition & Pennant Entry form for this. 

Click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions sheet - this will help you understand what has changed with the new judging criterias and why.

This additional emphasis on the environment reflects the fact that Bloom groups are working in increasingly challenging environmental conditions.  The 2018 summer draught really highlighted the important frontline work all Bloom groups are doing to mitigate environmental challenges.

Today Britain in Bloom is predominantly managed by volunteers, with fewer Councils able to support their local Bloom projects.  By increasing the marks available for community we can recognise the efforts of these hard working groups and help celebrate the community spirit that is at the heart of Bloom.

Protecting the environment and improving the local community are often highly motivating factors, particularly for young people, in the long term we hope that the increased emphasis on them could help to encourage more and a wider range of volunteers to support Bloom.

f you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact the RHS Communities Team:-  communities@rhs.org.uk or you can call them on 0207 8213122.


Pennant Class

For those entries new to Bloom, some groups prefer to start off with entry our Pennant Classes.  These were first trialed in 2013 and due to their success we have continued with the pennant scheme, with great success and with groups progressing up to the main competiton.  Entry is free for all 'new entries', there is no portfolio required.  As with main entries there is 1/4 hr for press and 1/4 for a presentation (if entries wish to do one).  For the village to small town catagory there is an additional 1.5 hrs and town to citties an additional 2.5 hrs for judging.  The Pennant  catagory is also aimed at Bloom groups that we may have lost over the years and is intended as a gentle step back into the main competition.  The Pennant criteria is also more relaxed and there is less to meet, the awards and scoring are slightly different to reflect this. All new entrants will be provided with help and advice, we can also allocate them a mentor to give them some guidance in preparing their judging tour.  Click here to download 2022 Pennant Marking Sheet, we have combined the marking criteria with the BID, Town Center & Urban catagory to reflect the changes in Bloom and to make it easier for the entrants to self assess.